Summer time

Been a great summer here on the farm. Got an above ground pool and a mostly finished deck. Had a ball having more of a stay-cation between all the fairs and 4-H events. The show heifers are turned out to the fields to relax before breeding season and calving season is upon us.  So hope … Continue reading Summer time


its been a long while since I had a few minutes to write. Life as a working Mom, farmers wife, and Doc has been keeping me busy. Not as much time to write as a fellow blogger and I discussed at a recent national agriculture meeting. Life has a way of keeping one occupied.  But, … Continue reading Chickens!!!

Learning again

My kids talk about the day when they will be all grown up (getting here fast) and out of school. Having chosen a career in medicine, I fear I will never reach that point. This week I am blessed to be in Chicago with fellow critical care providers from all over the world at SMACC. … Continue reading Learning again