Learning again

My kids talk about the day when they will be all grown up (getting here fast) and out of school. Having chosen a career in medicine, I fear I will never reach that point. This week I am blessed to be in Chicago with fellow critical care providers from all over the world at SMACC. … Continue reading Learning again

Been a rough spring 

my Mom has been very ill this spring. So, I have not had much time to write. But she is getting better so at least I can put up some photos.                                

Spring pictures from the farm

 It’s been a full start to the year. Two bad snow and ice storms left Tennessee hard hit. We were blessed with just damage to trees, no animals or buildings. It’s thawing mowing and puppies and animals alike are enjoying the change. Today my youngest turned seven and spent the spring day playing outside … Continue reading Spring pictures from the farm

Winter Friends

Brie’s bottle calf is getting bigger, but they still are the best of friends. See, Brie doesn’t care that Baby is a cow or that there is mud. They are the best of friends. Wish our world leaders could learn to see past their differences like that.

A story to tell

For the last eight or so years, I have been learning about agriculture. I started out on a fall tour here inTennessee because my husband told me there would be food. Since then I have been bless to represent Tennessee as a final four winner for Discussion meet, the outstanding Young Woman, Brian and I … Continue reading A story to tell

Taking time

Today was a busy day at my house. I worked till two this morning and slept in a bit. When I got up, my husband had taken my Mom for her doctors appointments and to Sam’s. So, I spent the morning straining the house, helping our two oldest with their home school assignments, and the … Continue reading Taking time