Been a While

      I have tried and tried to keep up with blogging and work and being a Mom to three very busy kids, and keep house (ok Brian, I am very glad we have someone who comes and cleans – more glad than you know), etc. it had crossed my mind that maybe I … Continue reading Been a While

Cooking time

Well, I have had a few days off, and have done some fall cleaning (a very little) and lots of cooking with my homeschooled 10 year old. My oldest and youngest go to “regular school” but she really loves being here on the farm, checking the animals, and just hanging out with her Dad and … Continue reading Cooking time

Summer time

Been a great summer here on the farm. Got an above ground pool and a mostly finished deck. Had a ball having more of a stay-cation between all the fairs and 4-H events. The show heifers are turned out to the fields to relax before breeding season and calving season is upon us.  So hope … Continue reading Summer time