Why is it…

Working with Brian this weekend has made me realize an overlooked fact of life for women who work on a farm.

Let me set the scene, this has been our first week with fairly cold weather. (At least by TN standards.) I know my readers in North Dakota would disagree about the weather.

Some background information – Its fall calving and breeding season on Diamond M Farms. Brian has bred 24 cows in the last 10 day. After many heartfelt discussions about me learning this new skill for the farm, I have finally agreed to his wisdom and been trying to learn.

The whole long glove thing with poop was just more than I could handle for years.

So last weekend we had to go breed 2 cows that had been caught in “standing heat”. Its going on dusk and due to all the rain that the upper cumberland has gotten, our barn lot is a soggy mess. We get the two cows up and Brian shows me again how he does this. I would wager I have watched way more cows get bred than most women (not meaning voyrsem habits meaning when I LEARNED ABOUT HUMAN AI) The next cow gets in the shoot and here I decide to break out the rubber glove and the KY to give this a try. Brian talks me through every step of the way. No problems other that I had forgotten to take my watch and ring off and my forearm felt like it had not seen blood flow in several minutes. (Cows – at least angus seem to have very strong rectal muscles).

But here comes the crux of the problem and why I picked the title for the post. Why is it when as a woman working outside (all bundled up) you suddenly need to pee – even if you peed right before time. Well, that is where I found myself.

You can slip off and with a paper towel of corner of your shirt in a real pinch do OK peeing in the words on your farm for emergencies (yes, I am sure that they is not the most sanitary method and I will work on this, but…)

However, its not summer and I am bundled up to beat 60. I had on under armor winter weight wear, tights, jeans, Carhart Bibber’s, and a Carhart jacket, ear warmers from Athletica and felt ready to work in the 30 degree temp. Well, I was ready to work and working to try to keep from remembering the need to pee.

Cause trust me – unless a man has had a serious emergency in the cold in the woods – there are few men who grasp the pain and exposure a farm wife, daughter, Grand Mother has gone thru in tryng to find a place to pee when they are all bundled up outside.

So fathers, hubbies, sons and friends who care, and agricultural women everywhere – we need to design bathroom friendly farm work, clothes for women.

Yes, this post prooves I have lost my mind but I still feel that is information every ranch Mom or wife knows about but I am sure there are many better solutions than what I finally did to relieve myself… Let’s just say – grin and bare it comes to mind

About McLerranMD

I am blessed to be the mother of three wonderful children, and I am married to Brian. Together with my husband and his father we farm several hundred acres in Moss, TN, where my husband is a 6th generation farmer. We raise Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef. We also raise squirrel dogs, horses, and currently 4-H pigs. In my day job I work off the farm as a doctor. I have run my own practice for the last 8 years, but I am changing jobs in January to that of a full time ED doctor. This will allow me to spend more time with my family.
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