Time Flies


Sitting here, with presents mostly wrapped, trees (yes, I have about 5 in my house) up, and watching Alaska State Troopers on National Geographic channel, I have had time to think that between my work schedule, my emergency department work, my kids functions, my functions, and getting put in the hospital last week, I have not blogged in forever. (boy, is that a run on sentence)

I hope that you all have Peace and Joy in the Holiday Season. I am making a New Year’s resolution to do better at my blog…

See you all soon


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About McLerranMD

I am blessed to be the mother of three wonderful children, and I am married to Brian. Together with my husband and his father we farm several hundred acres in Moss, TN, where my husband is a 6th generation farmer. We raise Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef. We also raise squirrel dogs, horses, and currently 4-H pigs. In my day job I work off the farm as a doctor. I have run my own practice for the last 8 years, but I am changing jobs in January to that of a full time ED doctor. This will allow me to spend more time with my family.
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