Happy Late Birthday Dr. Seuss




    Last Friday, for those of you who don’t yet have small people going through the education process was read across America day and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. It also happened to be show and tell day for my 6 year old’s me week of first grade. That made it a very special Friday in her world.

    Now, she was already devastated because the school had enacted a new rule the kept her from being able to bring a live animal or two in to show and tell. For those of you who have ever met Brie, you will easily see that Dr. Doolittle has nothing on my six year old. She had been planning to bring a dog and a horse for weeks, but alas, the rules.

    So, she ended up having to bring her best doll Bella, some pictures (very undramatic according to Brie), several pageant crowns, her keyboard, and Me. Thats right, I ranked as one of the most important things to my Brie.


    I guess to most Moms they would never think twice about being included in their child’s Read Across America Day or their Show and Tell time, but with my hours, I usually miss things like that. And the really great thing is, my kids usually never complain. I’ve missed plays, ballgames, birthday parties, sleepovers, pageants, and dances. And, I still get hugged and told I am the bestest Mom ever. I’ve slipped in to kiss them goodnight and seen their smiles to know that I’ve been there. But, I do the best I can with what I have been given. When I can be off and spend time with them, then it is all about them. Everything else can wait.
    So, I felt tickled and honored to hear my older daughter telling Brie, how cool it would be if Mommy could get the day off to come to Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and read for her class like I had got to read for my older daughters. Apparently, those years in drama and speech paid off, as I am a highly sought after reader of Dr. Seuss tales to small people if the way the third graders in Ella’s room acted when they tired to get me to stay and read to them. Its sad that you don’t get to get a Dr. Seuss story read to you as a third grader – they are just 8 and 9 year olds, but that is a rant for another day.
    Life did work out and I had a great time just being a Mommy for a bit with Brie.
    I read Yertle the Turtle to her class, then we had show and tell
    (I did all Brie’s favorite voices too)
    Then, due to the bad storms that were coming in, I got to drive both my girls home early and we spent the day together. A really great day in Mommy land. (Till the storms, but we were lucky no damage and no one hurt, so still a great day just a powerless great evening)




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I am blessed to be the mother of three wonderful children, and I am married to Brian. Together with my husband and his father we farm several hundred acres in Moss, TN, where my husband is a 6th generation farmer. We raise Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef. We also raise squirrel dogs, horses, and currently 4-H pigs. In my day job I work off the farm as a doctor. I have run my own practice for the last 8 years, but I am changing jobs in January to that of a full time ED doctor. This will allow me to spend more time with my family.
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