A load of Poo…

I had to take a minute to update this post cause I got Brian’s Aunt Barb to send me a Picture of Great Aunt Nellie standing by GrandMa Winnie. The lady looking strait at the camera and smiling is the one this post is all about. She is 87 and still drives her own tractor and puts up her own garden.



Spring time is busy time, not only in homes and gardens across America, but in farms across America too. We have been busy on our farm selling bulls to other Angus cattle farmers, checking fence rows for damage from spring storms, vaccinating cattle, building a house, getting kids to T-ball/softball/dance classes, weekly music classes, and then there was the day an order for a load of manure came in from my husband’s grandmothers sister.


I know that sounds a little strange to those of you who may not have many relatives, and certainly it sounds strange to those of you who may not have many elderly relatives that are still active and in their right mind. But this particular elderly Great Aunt can work most grown men into the ground.


The day she came by to get her load of horse manure for her garden, she had already, washed her windows, plowed and turned her garden, been to town and got her plants, and was planning to go home and work the manure into the garden before she calls it a day. (This is a women in her late 70’s.)

We keep manure as a fertilizer mostly for our hay pastures, but we do sell some to the public, mostly to members of the public to use on their home gardens. But Brian had to admit, that day, seeing her with her determination to put in her garden at her age, he couldn’t charge her. After listening to her fuss about how slow he was loading her truck up with horse manure, he admitted he was thinking hard about changing his mind.


For those who don’t know, manure makes excellent fertilize and provides excellent nutrients to the plants, although the doctor in me does want to point out the need to thoroughly wash all the plants grown using organic fertilize like our manure, due to the very real risk of fecal bacterial pathogens introduced on foods grown in soil using manure as a fertilizer. Just because something is organic does not necessarily mean it is safe, without taking the proper precautions. But, in her garden it won’t matter that much, she will cover everything in seven dust pretty soon anyway (so nothing bacteria or otherwise will be growing on the veggies).

I just hope that everyone can get as much enjoyment from the mental picture of a woman in her late 80’s demanding my husband hurry up and load her truck up with manure cause time is wasting and she has places to go and work to do…

I hope I have that much energy at 87.


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I am blessed to be the mother of three wonderful children, and I am married to Brian. Together with my husband and his father we farm several hundred acres in Moss, TN, where my husband is a 6th generation farmer. We raise Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef. We also raise squirrel dogs, horses, and currently 4-H pigs. In my day job I work off the farm as a doctor. I have run my own practice for the last 8 years, but I am changing jobs in January to that of a full time ED doctor. This will allow me to spend more time with my family.
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