Talking with Americas Future…

2 thoughts on “Talking with Americas Future…”

  1. I don't think kids should carry the FULL burden of our society's problems, but I have taught my children about some of the issues that they will face as adults in bite-size chunks over the years. In fact, my husband and I took them (ages 15, 13, and 10 at the time) with us when we participated in the Tea Party effort in Cookeville last year. More importantly than my boys attending the event, I wanted them to UNDERSTAND WHY we were there and why I thought it was important for them to be there…after all their future is being mortgaged, too. I won't claim that they are all three now super-aware, hyper-vigilant political activists, but I do believe they have a basic understanding of what is happening. They are not completely apathetic, and the more we teach them, the more they are willing to get involved. There is hope for these kids, yet! What made me sick to my stomach AFTER the tea party event was watching with my boys to see what the different media outlets had to say about the movement nationwide. I thought the act of having my boys watch news coverage of an event they participated in could only motivate them further…until MSNBC's slanted coverage destroyed any hope whatsoever that I had left of that station giving conservatives a fair shake…at least certain hosts whose names will not be mentioned here…it disgusted me that my children heard some of the vile things they said, when my boys were so very elated and proud of themselves for standing up for what they believed in only a few hours before. Fortunately, there was also some very good coverage of the true story on FOX and other stations. I just used the opportunity to teach my children another lesson that my hubs and I tried to hammer home throughout the entire election season…that all media is not created equal and how some media outlets take a little truth and twist it to fit their own agenda! In the case of the Tea Party, my kids can say they were there. They know first-hand what things did or did not happen the way the media reported it, so they ended up getting two lessons for the price of one! By the way, great blog! I know you are busy, but keep up the good work when you can! God bless!


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