Farming – why or why not?

8 thoughts on “Farming – why or why not?”

    1. I agree that involvement is key to agricultures future as the average age of America’s farmers is around 57, and most of America is 4 Generations removed from the family farm. By being a part of organizations like Farm Bureau and US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and others, we in agriculture can work together to have our concerns heard. While each aspect of agriculture may have different concerns from each other, we all face similar concerns in urban encroachment, EPA regulations, consumer perception, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Hope to see you hear again soon.


  1. We got something in common. I don’t fit the stereotype either. No FFA, no high school ag classes, 2 years 4-H and no ag projects, don’t listen to country music, and I’ve never worn a pair of cowboy boots. Yet here I am a full time farmer. Of course I had the benefit of growing up on the farm I now run with my Dad and Grandpa.


    1. Cool, thanks for the follow and the tweet. I too only found country music after I found Brian. I still have more rock than country on my iPhone. Long live AC/DC and Elvis. But I have always liked cowboy boots. They do great things for my long legs.


  2. Absolutely a fabulous blog post. Thanks for sharing it! I grew up in ag but ran from it. No FFA. No 4H. Not a single ag class in any of my education. No Farm Bureau. No Farmer’s Union. No commodity group involvement. No traditional ag was going to be a part of me or so I thought. I learned to embrace my roots in my early 20’s. Now I can’t imagine my life with out it. I am so grateful for people like you that have come into their own, are telling their story, are involved and raising the next generation of American farmers. You inspire Dr. McLerran. You inspire many, more than you know!


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