American Pride from the back of the bus

3 thoughts on “American Pride from the back of the bus”

    1. Actually I do. I find my freedom to enjoy other peoples expression of their first Amendmend rights of freedom of speech in no way conflicts with my religious views. I happen to be very patriotic and I personally find it offensive when someone chooses to exercise their rights of personal expression by burning our flag. However, I do understand that it is their right to express themselves that way if they choose. I simply am choosing to find what is humorous in the statement on the bumper sticker. I would in now way want anyone to harm them self.


      1. as someone who served in our military for more than 30 years, including four wars I find it offensive when those who haven’t been there profess a level of patriotism that favors burning, if even rhetorically, someone who exercises their freedom of expression. Of course it’s your blog and you’re free to express whatever your opinions on the subject are…I just found it ironic that you would include a reference to a church symposium while applauding such bumper stickers. Only in America.


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