Sledding the wrong way

14 thoughts on “Sledding the wrong way”

  1. Good for you, Dr. Samantha. Life is to be lived and I would not have missed fun with my sons; who, by the way; had their share of accidents! You are building great memories!


    1. No, she is fine today. I am the bruised one. I was so worried and flustered about getting everyone home and making sure everything was fine, I ran down stairs in my socks, slipped, and busted my tail. I have a lovely bruise and jerked my left shoulder nearly out of place. So, now she has been helping me feel better. We were both lucky and blessed. Thanks for the positive supportive words.


    2. Your right. I was really worried in posting these pictures about how other Mom’s would perceive how I am raising my kids especially give that I am a MD, but I decided what the hockey sticks. I am doing the best I can. They did not come with an instruction manual and I know that I will make wrong and right choices, the best I can hope for is not to screw up to bad. Yes, thanks for asking my daughter is fine, thanks to God, who happens to be the higher power that we believe in. So, all in all, we did have a great day, had fun, and engaged in a stupid yet fun activity that did not kill or maim anyone. Not to bad on the mom scale.


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