Photos, photos – contest

4 thoughts on “Photos, photos – contest”

  1. I asked my friends to go to the photo and like it, Ella made a great photo and looks just right for this horrible weather we are experiencing. BTW, it shows my favorite part of the hog, the HAMS!


    1. Thanks for helping. She had a great time at the show and Congrats to yours for her Winning Premier Exhibitor. I think that is awesome. Between her and Will and the rest from Clay County, we ROCKed hogs!!!

      It will tickle Ella that you are helping. I’ll be sure and let her know.


      1. This is what friends are for; Carla is doing the same. It is wonderful that Grace and Ella are not just neighbors but friends and involved in some of the same projects. I have promised Grace I won’t miss another show. Work, and it out of town, gone a week at a time, is so hard and my scheduling is two months in advance. I just never thought or planned for the Hog Show.

        Yes, Clay County rocks, wonderful place to live, great neighbors (for the most part) and a wonderful place to rear children.


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