New Puppy

So, recently we were blessed with a new puppy. Diamond M Farms got a new addition with Miss Daisy Mae. She is all of 1.5 pounds and a true southern lady. She is not used for hunting, cattle farming, treeing anything, fishing, or any sort or manual labor. She is used for carrying around, being … Continue reading New Puppy

My love of food

If you have ever seen my instagram post, checked out who I follow on Twitter, or talked to me for more than five minutes- you should know that I love food. I love to eat food, to cook food, heck I even love to stalk my favorite chef’s and restaurants online. I don’t know where … Continue reading My love of food

A long blogging break

2017 has been a year of many things, travel, food, learning about myself, planning, and most of all reaffirming my place in my family. In my life, I have been a lot of places I never planned. Brian and I have traveled and learned about agricultural together with Farm Bureau, even ending up in National … Continue reading A long blogging break


To say that my oldest child, Ella, loves to shoot, would be a minor understatement. She has been shooting with her Dad since she was seven or eight years old.  I really cannot remember. She took to guns and shooting sports like a duck takes to water.  She is happy with a gun. And very … Continue reading Shooting…