its been a long while since I had a few minutes to write. Life as a working Mom, farmers wife, and Doc has been keeping me busy. Not as much time to write as a fellow blogger and I discussed at a recent national agriculture meeting. Life has a way of keeping one occupied.  But, … Continue reading Chickens!!!

A story to tell

For the last eight or so years, I have been learning about agriculture. I started out on a fall tour here inTennessee because my husband told me there would be food. Since then I have been bless to represent Tennessee as a final four winner for Discussion meet, the outstanding Young Woman, Brian and I … Continue reading A story to tell

Taking time

Today was a busy day at my house. I worked till two this morning and slept in a bit. When I got up, my husband had taken my Mom for her doctors appointments and to Sam’s. So, I spent the morning straining the house, helping our two oldest with their home school assignments, and the … Continue reading Taking time