its been a long while since I had a few minutes to write. Life as a working Mom, farmers wife, and Doc has been keeping me busy. Not as much time to write as a fellow blogger and I discussed at a recent national agriculture meeting. Life has a way of keeping one occupied.  But, … Continue reading Chickens!!!

A story to tell

For the last eight or so years, I have been learning about agriculture. I started out on a fall tour here inTennessee because my husband told me there would be food. Since then I have been bless to represent Tennessee as a final four winner for Discussion meet, the outstanding Young Woman, Brian and I … Continue reading A story to tell

Taking time

Today was a busy day at my house. I worked till two this morning and slept in a bit. When I got up, my husband had taken my Mom for her doctors appointments and to Sam’s. So, I spent the morning straining the house, helping our two oldest with their home school assignments, and the … Continue reading Taking time


The holidays always bring family together for meals and time together, and ours is no different. Brian and I are blessed to belong to very large extended families on both sides. Brian’s father is one of six siblings and his Mom one of three. My Mom is one of three and her Mom was one … Continue reading Families…